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 T E S T I M O N I A L S 

My life has changed drastically since I began coaching sessions with Yaro.  I attribute these positive changes to two key things: Yaro's guidance and my willingness to learn and grow.  Life coaching with Yaro is not therapy.  That's a good thing.  It doesn't feel clinical and I don't feel lectured or judged.  But every week, I do have the opportunity in my coaching sessions to talk about my professional and personal goals, to get feedback on solutions that I'm trying, and to refocus my energy on the things that matter most in my life.

Most importantly, coaching is about looking forward.  While it is sometimes beneficial to determine the root cause of problems or issues, coaching is not about diagnosing or treating the past. Instead, it is about shaping the future and deciding on a path for one's own life.  In other words, it is about taking control of the things that can be controlled and learning to have influence over the things that cannot.  

I highly recommend working with Yaro.  I have found her to be intelligent, sharp-minded, witty, and loving.  Tackling issues and working on goals isn't an easy process, but with Yaro's expert guidance and support, I am confident in my abilities and I imagine that you could benefit from her knowledge as well.

-J.B. - PhD student and creative entrepreneur (writing, digital arts)

You are simply the best.  Thank you for your guidance and inspiration.

-Sue M. - Marketing Diva & Fitness Nut

Before :(  After :).  Need I say more?  Thanks Yaro!

-Tami S. - Nonprofit Professional/artist

Yaro's coaching method is sometimes gentle, sometimes tough, sometimes difficult to hear and ALWAYS honest, compassionate and best of all effective.

Maria N. - Model/Actress

True development takes courage, responsibility and sometimes guidance.  But choose your guides wisely. Because  pushing someone forward  in a way that is nonjudgmental, compassionate and practical is not a universal skill.  Yaro, hands down, has this skill.

-Erica H. - transitioning from a corporate job to her own creative enterprise


Workshop + Seminars Testimonials 

The team successfully integrated information from Neuro-linguistic programming, coaching and spirituality. Their use of practical exercises made complex concepts very accessible. The presentation was lively and participatory. Great experience.

-Chandra Travis 

I wanted to thank you for your talk yesterday [Blogging is the new selling], it was really clear & informative and helped me to start thinking about how to organize & maximize my web presence.  And frankly, girl you lit a fire under my booty! I was like 'How can I NEGLECT my readers!' and put up a post this morning and replied to my reader's comments.

- Marian Isel Barragán, Holistic Health Counselor and blogger at

It was a lovely surprise to meet a super-smart, savvy and passionate woman like you at last night's workshop. I loved your presentation; you combined solid knowledge about the basics of blogging with inspiring and informative tidbits to bolster confidence in those who are already active in blogging and building their brands online. Thanks to you and the whole Hageman team! 

- Lizz Carroll, blogger at