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Hey there!

After 10 years of youth development and nonprofit leadership I gave up my six-figure salary to honor my personal values and mission.  Since 2010 I have acquired certifications in  Personal Training (ACE), Reiki Energy Healing and Health Coaching (Integrative Nutrition). A Latinasian (of Chinese-Dominican heritage), originally hailing from Santiago, Dominican Republic, I have always been committed to living a life full of happiness, passion, love and laughter as a self-identified "feminist social entrepreneur."

I have always been a lover of words, stories, beauty and justice,  a frugal scholar with evolving knowledge in the areas of Positive Psychology, Taoism,  applied philosophy, intuitive spirituality and clairvoyance, marketing, design, and meditation.   

Why do I choose life coaching and not just nutrition coaching, spiritual healing or fitness coaching?

Coaching is where I blend all of my unique skills in order to help clients design and implement a wellness-centered lifestyle.  I believe healing is a necessary first step to living a joyful and meaningful life.  I also believe your healing must be streamlined with attainable and measurable goals that go beyond the emotional and spiritual and into the practical and professional.   It is quite healing for you to follow a career of your choice, find a soul mate, take steps toward leaving your dissatisfying or abusive job, or to simply work toward getting in the best physical shape of your life.  

When it comes to your life, your journey and ancestral legacy, all your hobbies, dreams, skills, and experiences become an integral part of a big interdependent self-actualization wheel. You can set your ideal lifestyle design and implementation wheel in motion from any angle on the wheel (nutrition, fitness, spirituality, career, self-love, relationships) and that's the beauty of working with me, your multi-dimensional life coach 

For your free 30-minute consultation via telephone, call me at 646-284-3080.   It's time to transform and reinvent yourself. 

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Coach Yaro


Coaching Values


Choosing what is right, not what is easiest.



Owning and honoring one's voice with love for oneself and for others.



Listening for common ground and shared experiences while exploring and learning from disagreements.



Finding beauty and peace within all aspects of one's human journey.



Slow and steady because there's no winner when it's  not a race.



Following one's intuition and honoring our past, present, and future legacy without devaluing the leadership of others.



Keeping calm during times of darkness, times of enlightenment, times of turbulence and times of extreme flourishing while keeping the ego on check and on a praise diet.



We are our own temple, hospital, gym, journal, career, brand, romance....make it good, actually, make it great.