Body-positive, affordable, goal-oriented fitness for values-driven individuals seeking to integrate fitness into their lives to improve work-life balance.



Safe and fun wellness-centered fitness coaching for energy enhancement, mastery of positive emotions, confidence, and elimination of chronic stress.


Your Return on Investment

Training with me is more than physical, it's an inner transformation that manifests through healing, happiness and feeling grounded and strong.

  • Develop physical and emotional strength
  • Implement your life's mission
  • Develop leadership skills grounded in rest and relaxation
  • Enjoy total wellness & true healing
  • Develop a fitness habit that works for you
  • Take leadership of your career
  • Accomplish self-love and inner peace


With my coaching you will set and accomplish realistic goals utilizing alternative and effective healing and personal and professional growth methods.  

Choose coaching to:

  • Manage your emotions and objectively take charge of all of your actions or strategically choose not to.
  • Use nutrition and exercise to heal your body and your heart, manage weight fluctuations, depression, break ups, family dynamics, and other unwanted mood spoilers.
  • Utilize traditional healing methods such as Reiki, meditation and intuitive spirituality to advance your emotional health, career, your love life and your family life.
  • Brand yourself professionally and personally.
  • Unleash your unique style, improve your general energy levels, and enjoy your life!
  • Learn the tools necessary to find happiness and serenity during transitions, difficult times, and times of uncertainty.  

Do you prefer to have a free consultation?  Schedule it today via phone, 646.284.3080.

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